Our policy for cooperation with customers

  • We are available. We respond to Customers’ calls at any time of the day.
  • We always welcome calls and meetings with the Customers. We prepare for meetings and phone calls. We value our time and the time of our customers and achieve best results.
  • We do everything possible to meet the requirements of the Customers. We don't say “no”. We do more than we are asked for.
  • We solve our Customers’ problems. We treat those problems as if they were our own.
  • We offer different solutions to tasks and problems of our Customers. We want our Customers to have a good choice in accordance with their needs and wishes.
  • We meet deadlines. We plan our daily activities and long term projects execution.
  • We are friendly and welcoming. The Customer gets the first impression of our culture through the first phone call. Phone calls are answered in a kind, interested and businesslike manner.
  • We keep our word. Through our activities and attitude we prove that we can be trusted.